supply chain

Warehouse location:
We have established 2 warehouses in both Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi (which are 2 biggest economic zone) to serve the demands of local customers.

Warehouse facility:
Our warehouses were well-equipped to secure the best storaging conditions for our products.

EHS / safety procedure:
We followed strict disciplines to keep our operations safely and smoothly.

Delivery time:
Our dedicated logistic teams always try their best to provide trusted and on-time delivery. They could even handle some urgent orders from our customers with within-the-day delivery.

Safety delivery:
Our transportation team had profound experience to meet the safety regulations in delivery from big MNCs.

Safety stock:
We fully understand the importance of keeping our customers production not be interrupted due to out of stock. Hence, we are closely together with our partner to strictly secure the safety stock in our warehouse.

Warehousing & transportation:
With the well-equipped warehousing and transportation facility, we could secure the best conditions for our goods in storaging and to be delivered to our customers sites in the most effective & safest way. We try our best to provide our customers the products which will be identical in both quality and physical appearance as the products at our suppliers site.